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Our Business - What we do

Nash Industrial Solutions, Inc. is a vehicle washing equipment sales and consulting agency located in central Arkansas. Our expertise begins with identifying correct applications of large vehicle wash equipment and adapting the right fleet image programs.  We hold long-established partnerships with leading, semi-automated and fully-automated vehicle wash system equipment manufacturers. 

Whether you're looking for a wash system to clean 10+ vehicles per hour or a more unique approach with smaller fleets having emphasis on task efficiency/fleet image over and above what manual pressure washing equipment can provide, we can determine the right solution to fit any wash need.

In many cases,  the vehicle / plant maintenace team of our customers also need parts cleaning in order to conduct repairs. In effort to effectively fulfill this task, we  offer parts washers by JRI Industries. These are available in front load, cabinet type  machines to fully automated pass-through / conveyor systems.

In today's environment, food and animal safety / disease control is an increasing concern. Because of this, we have focused on Biosecurity for fleets and plant complexes. Whether you are in the food transportation business, live hauling or in-plant sanitation, we can provide the best disinfection programs available....USDA, FSMA approved! 

Our central U.S.A location enables us to easily meet with customers nationwide for a better understanding of all your vehicle wash needs.

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Who we are

With over 17 years of Automated and Manual Truck / Bus / Train Washing equipment application experience on projects ranging from less than $10k to over $1m, we understand every site is different and what it means to have correctly chosen the right solution.  Knowing the vast array of wash equipment options available, we are able to correctly assess site locations and identify fleet wash quality & wash equipment needs. This is what sets us apart from other wash equipment providers who are typically focused only on the products they make. 

Because equipment is only as good as the weakest link, we can adapt high-quality cleaning detergents for maximum wash quality resulting in lowest wash cost. 

Bottom line, we are uniquely qualified to meet all your fleet image needs.


Let us help you

Understanding what's available in the "wash world" is a huge benefit for long-term planning.  Whether you are an architect, an engineer, on a facilities planning committee, or someone interested in commercial washing, consultation from an experienced wash equipment expert is key in developing the right wash methods and arrangement for years to come.  Call us for consultation details.

Industries we serve





  • Live Haul / Grain Trailers
  • Bio-security (vehicle body & tires)





  • General Freight (Dry Van / Flat Bed)
  • Refrigerated Trailers (sanitizing and internal trailer disinfection) 

Heavy Duty


Public Transit / Recreational Vehicles


  • Military
  • Many others!

Public Transit / Recreational Vehicles

Public Transit / Recreational Vehicles

Public Transit / Recreational Vehicles


  •     Bus / Para Transit
  •     Rail
  •     R.V / Motor Coaches

Gas / Oil

Public Transit / Recreational Vehicles

Centralized Cleaning


  • Semi truck wash
  • truck wash equipment
  • truck wash

Centralized Cleaning

Public Transit / Recreational Vehicles

Centralized Cleaning


  • In-Plant Wash Down (Central Sanitizing Systems)
  • Special Applications.

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Nash Industrial Solutions

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Fully-Automated Roll Over Gantry Truck Wash - Friction

This fully-automated wash system is ideal for large fleets. The brushes use current sensing technology to effectively clean the tractors and is easy on ad-wraps!

Industrial Parts Washers

Cabinet style Parts Washers to Conveyorized Cleaning Systems, we can build to fit any parts/tool washing application. With a full-time engineering staff and dedicated craftsmen, no job is to big!

Semi-Automated Fleet Washer Model 101

This semi-automated wash system is ideal for smaller fleets cleaning large panel vehicles/trailers. Wash quality and wash time far exceed what any manual pressure washer can provide. This model 101 operates in a fixed, dedicated bay.

Semi-Automated Fleet Washer Model 626

This semi-automated fleet washer can operate in a fixed bay or out on a paved, fairly level parking lot. It is self propelled via battery power and has on-board water/detergent tanks. Ideal for multiple washing locations. Trailering option also available.